Canada Travel Insurance Review | The Barefoot Nomad


Canada Travel Insurance Review | The Barefoot Nomad.

Fantastic and very in depth list and reviews for travel insurance plans. Includes the prices, policies, and fair reviews. The blogger is very well-traveled, so he knows more than a thing or two about travel insurance.

If you’re traveling anywhere, but particularly places that are still part of the developing world, travel insurance is an absolute necessity. Skimping on it to save a few hundred bucks could end up costing you your life if you were to get sick! Accidents happen, things get stolen, and people get sick – protect yourself and your belongings by purchasing travel insurance. Better safe than very sorry.

I’ve long been leaning toward getting my policy from, because they have fantastic coverage and a really great policy for a fair price. They’re recommended by Lonely Planet, but the clincher for me is how good the coverage is for lost or stolen things – they even cover cameras and laptops. They also get very good reviews and they don’t double-talk or use confusing terms that only insurance agents would understand. And that’s comforting when you’re in an upsetting situation in a foreign land – one less upset to deal with if anything goes awry.

I sound like I’m plugging them.  They should pay me for that! I kid.  Sort of.

The Barefoot Nomad has a more extensive site regarding travel insurance, which you can find at Travel Insurance


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